Gaza is the bleeding node of Capitalist order supremacy

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To be or not to be; that’s the immediate question for Israel. And it is exactly because of this reason that every veil has been torn and every diplomatic conventions has been undermined, thus, the ultimate goal became the immediate one. Massacre and genocide of Palestinians and cleansing of Gaza of its indigenous people, assumed the highest priority. It is extremely naïve to suppose that the cleansing would stop at this point and would not spread to the West Bank. …If existence could not be guaranteed by legitimacy, coercion carries the burden. Hence Criminal bombing of Gaza people with sheer savagery could be explained in this context.

The outbreak of war in Gaza, with Hamas offensive on 7th of October, opened yet another large theater of war on the globe after Ukraine. It dragged and will continue to drag all the involved actors to the battlefield – just like in Ukraine. On one hand, Gaza is the continuation of the battle of Ukraine; a battle for reshaping the regional makeup on the context of a larger battle for reshaping the global makeup. But Gaza is not all that. In Ukraine, the greatest powers of the contemporary world have been confronted to determine the fate of the international order established after World War II. Allies of the past war are lined up against each other and its fascist axis is now integrated into the line which carries the banner of democracy to redefine that very common global struggle, to hide from sight the monster of Nazism and to libel the emancipatory Communism. The very Communism which saved mankind from vicious grasp of fascism sacrificing tens of millions. In Ukraine, the great powers of the previous century are confronted in different settings, but Gaza is not all this.

In Gaza a nation has arisen to be recognized as one amongst other nations. A nation has risen up which is not tolerating the yoke of indignity and disdain anymore. A nation has arisen and is fighting for the very right that other nations have achieved centuries ago and founded the international political order on it. People in Gaza want their own sate, a sovereign state; the most evident thing in world politics. And exactly the very thing Palestinians are denied more than any other nation. Even more than those who, as nation, are indeed under oppression in any corner of the world. Despite all other cases that the national question is brought to the fore, in Gaza, the oppressive ruling tribe has no inclination to absorption nor to assimilation of the occupied, oppressed nation – for the very reason that it is not a nation itself; it is a sinister puppet masquerading as a nation. In Gaza and in all of Palestine, the ultimate goal of usurper Zionists is the destruction of Palestinian nation, not even belligerent coexistence with forced enslavement. In Palestine, one of the most atrocious, savage and wicked forms of oppression has resurrected from the graveyard of history and has become a monster that names itself a state: Israel.

But this is not the only difference of Palestine. Palestine is yet different because the octopus that wraps around its land has neither came out of the chaos of first world war era, nor from the dark post-soviet era, rather from the period that the structures of contemporary international system is directly based upon. Israel is as much a product of this period, as International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, World Bank, and the United Nations itself. Israel was not Iraq or Kuwait or a sheikhdom in Persian gulf that by British or French colonialism, in the aftermath of first world war its borders were drawn with meters and rulers and its administration vested to a footman. Israel was also not Bosnia or Macedonia to be created by the means of NATO bombers in the post-Soviet unipolar world. Israel was a ferocious terrorist organization that under the pretext of progressivism wreaked havoc on Palestine, and finally, in a complex conspiracy plot, got its promised land from Britain, the Old Fox, as ransom to register simultaneously the usurpation deed of Palestinians’ olive groves in the international registry office, namely, the newly established United Nations. Yet organized terror had taken the form of a state, and in its state form had the blessing of all victorious powers of World War II; not just imperialist colonizers of Britain, France and America, but also socialist Soviet Union took part in its baptism.

For the imperialist West, the newly established Jewish state was both a mean to make atonement of centuries of pogrom against the Jews at the expense of Palestinians, and an outpost of “free, civilized world” amongst a colony of barbarians, which, simultaneously rendered the abhorrent record of Western pogroms and massacres of Jews forgotten. And for the socialist East, this newly established state was a herald of socialism to the region’s peoples with the collective farms of Kibbutzim and Zionist union of workers, the Histadrut, and was considered a model for the Middle East.

It was exactly because of these characteristics that the racist regime of occupants could endure all the ups and downs of the past 7 decades and not suffer the same fate as its counterpart in South Africa. This regime was, on the one hand, a crystallization of all of the antagonism of West imperialism, and detente socialism of the East, on the other. The very socialism who in the beginning of the 20th century had expelled the Bundist socialism of the Jews, half century later legitimized the usurper “socialism” of Zionists. Israel was not a product of Sykes-Picot agreement to be established on the instance of fragile and besieged revolutionary state of workers in the Soviet Union, like other Middle Eastern states, rather it was a “state” legitimized by the mighty Soviet Union, the victor of World War II.

So this newly formed state was the precipitation of all the wicked and vile deeds of the bloody capitalist order, which, by compromise of socialism and capitalism on the context of “peaceful coexistence”, became an integral part of post-World War political make-up.

With the collapse of the Eastern Bloc and establishment of unipolar order based on total supremacy of the Western Bloc under the leadership of the United States, a new narrative of the order left over from balance of power in the bipolar world was also put on the agenda. Everything that the imperialist West on the conditions of a different balance of power had acquiesced, had to be reconsidered in a new light. Every liability and international standard should be redefined according to the new balance of power. It was on this context that constant rampage of usurper Zionist state should have been institutionalized forever and the incomplete process of depriving millions of Palestinians of their rights should have been reached to its final end. The task that was on course via humiliating Oslo Accords and assignment of an agent called Palestinian National Authority. As long as the imperialist West could dictate its intentions to the whole world and maintain the status quo, in the occupied Palestine everything was as intended; every progressive veil was dropped and the longer the vile of unipolar world continued, the more reactionary and repressive the “state” in Israel became. The initial devious socialism of Zionist kibbutzim has given way to the religious fascism of the most reactionary Jewish gangs and it becomes evident that the conclusion of Palestinian question would be nothing but the eradication of Palestine’s name, history and, her very people. What seemed to be the Palestine’s fate started to alter as the pillars of the established order in the Middle East started to tremble. The defeat of regime change project in Syria was the turning point of this transition. Hamas that at the beginning of Syrian civil war took the side of the Free Syrian Army, with an eye on Arab sheikhs and their imperialist masters, now discovered “the Axis of Resistance” once again. All of factors to a fundamental change in the region was present and only required a right time to ignite the accumulated explosive of Palestine.

The battle of Ukraine provided this right time. It was in Ukraine that all misfortunes of dominant uni-polar world order, developed, from regional defeats in Syria and Afghanistan, to an all encompassing and strategic defeat. Not only the ineffectiveness of the whole oppressive military machine embodied in aggressive NATO treaty had been exposed, but also it made evident that in the political, diplomatic and economic arenas, for Western imperialist states the good times had passed. In Ukraine the death knell for unipolar world had officially been tolled and this could not go without having its effects on the make-up of the world, and that’s just what happened. From Africa to Latin America and Asia, waves of new coalition formations and movements of forces has arisen, the marginalization of the Western bloc being the common feature of all of them. The appearance of chasm in the world order in a different place in the global arena was a matter of occasion not of occurrence. And Palestine was the point that had to become the new epicenter of conflict. If the revision of entire history of post world war is on the agenda, if the Ukrainian Nazis are to be praised and glorified, and soviet union is to be denounced as the primary perpetrator of second world war atrocities in spite of Nazism in Hitler Germany, why not inhuming the rebellious offspring of that order in the history’s graveyard? If it is supposed to put aside the consensus of that order in narration of world war history, why should it be kept for Jewish state?

Whatever the immediate goals of Hamas offensive might have been, the new situation posed questions beyond the intentions of its actors. In the context of different power balance resulting from west setbacks in the world, all the diplomatic progressions that with serious haste were made by the name of Abraham Accords, was nothing more than a rough anomaly. An illegitimate pseudo-state despite the frailty of its allies seemed to be capturing diplomatic strongholds and fortifying its position. While its godfathers and sponsors in Washington and London and Brussels were losing some of their post-Cold War glamour everyday with yet another defeat, this belligerent petite-state seemed to be steadily advancing from one bastion to another. It sought to realize its ultimate dream of normalization, by bonding with primitive Arab aristocracy and their nouveau riche oil sheikhs, under the protection of bilateral pacts, with the intention of consigning the fate of millions of Palestinians to oblivion and paving the way for “the final solution to the Palestinian question” – as once Nazi Germany was pursuing “the final solution to the Jewish question”.

But those advancements were nothing more than a sweet short spell. Arabs that Israel was pursuing their support, now on the ground of a changed balance of power, were leaving the camp of servitude to the West and were tying their fate to the future multi-polar world. The main adversary of Israel in the region, Islamic Republic of Iran, was coming out of the unipolar world era isolation, and patterns of new Middle Eastern make-up, with China and Russia’s enhanced role and peaceful coexistence between Arabs and Iran, was looming in the horizon. On this context the wet dreams of Israel was a mirage just to be disturbed by 7th October offensive. What goals Hamas pursued does not change the fact that the realities of battlefield summoned a different question. Now the question obviously surpassed mere the freedom of Palestinian political detainees or even formation of a Palestinian state.

To be or not to be; that’s the immediate question for Israel. And it is exactly because of this reason that every veil has been torn and every diplomatic conventions has been undermined, thus, the ultimate goal became the immediate one. Massacre and genocide of Palestinians and cleansing of Gaza of its indigenous people, assumed the highest priority. It is extremely naïve to suppose that the cleansing would stop at this point and would not spread to the West Bank. Now and upon arrival of the new order, maximum goals are set for every parties equilibria to be found. If for Turkey the goal was the Turan Empire to the Central Asia, for Israel the archived goal of Nile to Euphrates was on the agenda, not necessarily to realize it, but for upon its announcement at least the mere survival of this devil incubus be assured. If existence could not be guaranteed by legitimacy, coercion carries the burden. Hence Criminal bombing of Gaza people with sheer savagery could be explained in this context.

After three weeks of mass slaughter by Israeli army, what stands out more than anything, is the fact that there is no way out of this and absolutely no solution to the Palestinian question without more bloodshed. It is an adamant truth that the pillars of today’s world are built as such in which building the future order is only possible by sailing through oceans of blood. This had been made evident initially in Syrian civil war and later in battle of Ukraine. But in Palestine another dimension of the developments came forward that were not present nor in Syria neither in Ukraine. In Syria and Ukraine, it was primarily the confrontation between global Power blocks that constituted the theme of conflict. In Palestine a kind of conflict emerged that primarily is a battle over a social problem and only indirectly is tied to the interests of global powers. In Syria and Ukraine, for the two warring parties the solution was to directly defeat the other side and push it out of battlefield. But in Palestine that is not the case. The two sides of global conflict, transatlantic western block with the America’s leadership on one side and the opposing pole with China and Russia leadership, both are in a seemingly unbiased position in respect of the parties to the conflict in Palestine. Moreover, appeasement towards Israel and its constant misdeeds, even in the West opposing side in China and Russia was never set aside. Even when west practically set aside the two-state project with Abraham Accords and moved towards a unilateral solution to the Palestinian question, not only the East did not seriously oppose, but also insisted on continued supportive stance towards Israel. Unlike the battlefields in Syria and Ukraine, this time in Palestine there was, for great global powers, a possibility of once again reaching consensus over the solution to the question, and of joint action. However what actually happened was the transition of that global conflict also to this theater of war. Once more it becomes clear that the course of events is not determined by will of their actors.

The West hastily moved towards absolute support of Israel’s genocide and ethnic cleansing, and The East regardless of pseudo-fascist anti-Islamic India, practically found itself as defender of Palestine. The main lines of political dispute are those already made visible in quarrels between these two big camps. On one side, it is return to post-World War II “law-based order” with its legislative and dispute resolution mechanisms, on the other side, it is the emphasis on “rule based order” on the part of the West, which entails the more voiding of the official structures of international order and employing them in line with the interests of imperialist Western countries. Palestine Gordian knot tied to the global geopolitics Gordian knot. So the reflection of this intertwinement is but rendering the Palestinian question unresolvable. The Palestinian question is as diplomatically resolvable as Syria and Ukraine; only in battlefield.

In this intertwinement, one side of the conflict, the imperialist West, is once again the crystallization of brutal force and bare violence that in international relations is manifested as increasing non-adherence to the diplomatic standards and open warmongering, and in domestic relations as pseudo-fascistic reactionarism. On the contrary, on the other side of this conflict, the camp known as Global South with China and Russia at the top, avoidance from war and bloodshed forms the main characteristic of International politics, which in the Palestinian question manifests itself as opposition to war and insistence on ceasefire. It is obvious that once more, in this global conflict, any free and humane person in any part of the world above all finds himself facing the bestial manner of the western states. However this time and facing the current crisis, it is not the different manners of policy making by two sides of the conflict that is determinant. What is manifested is the agreement between two opposing global poles over preservation of the profit-oriented Capitalist Order’s essentials. If until now, the confrontation between China and Russia with Western states, by creating a gap in the international order, was making the further development of the class-struggle possibile; In Palestine limitations and boundaries of this confrontation are made visible.

The solution that China and Russia and Other defendants of multi-polar world provide to the Palestinian question, is nothing but a return to the law-based order of post-World War capitalist world. Such a return is, of course, a harness to the muzzle of the Imperialist West under the US leadership. But the problem is, such a return requires the preservation of a setting, shaped even before second world-war, at the beginning of 20th century. And with post-World War law-based order assumed an established form. Not only artificial borders of the states that were fabricated by imperialist powers, are guaranteed by such return, but also in specific case of Palestine, this return constitutes as permanent legitimization of Israel’s Zionist pseudo-state occupation. A matter that manifests itself in request for Israel to return to 1967 borders and formation of an independent Palestinian State with Qods as its capital, while practically legitimizes the 1948 Nakba and displacement of millions of Palestinians forever.

But that is no all. More important issue is, meanwhile this kind of return means the preservation of capitalist world market and an attempt to improve their position in this market in competition with other hostile states. And that’s exactly what ,apart from intentions and desires of involved states, results in bloody wars. A return to Law-Based Order, before anything means the weakening of the Western Bloc domination on international institutions and limiting their areas of influence and the surge of the opposing pole’s influence on various parts of the world, without fundamentally resolving the remaining one hundred year-old problems from early 20th century and putting an end to hostilities between small and big states. Optimally, this means freezing hostilities till another time just for them to reoccur with growing severity. And in worst case, this means escalation of tensions and conflicts and more brutal wars. And amongst the two, the worst case is also the most probable one. Not because the adequate force to prepare the prerequisites of such return is not available, but because the antagonisms that surface today are not resolvable by solutions that belong to a bygone era. Palestine is the best evidence of the matter. How indeed can one demand an oppressed nation, after 75 years of oppression and massacre and plunder, to be at peace with their yesterday’s executioners and torturers and have peaceful coexistence with them? The two opposing challengers of the Palestine and Israel battle today are not those who were seventy years ago. Neither on the other side of the conflict are Zionist Kibbutz Socialists lined up, nor on this side defenseless farmers and peasants of Palestine. Neither on the other side of the conflict powerful protectors such as British and French Imperialists are lined, nor on this side, isolated Palestinian villagers comprise defenseless victims. Why and for what reason the Palestinians who for decades in refugee camps lived in miserable conditions, today and on circumstances which for the first time have the possibility of strongest International support, should compromise with the Usurpers?

Practically the plan to return to the post-World War law-based order and formation of two states, if not impossible, is at least very difficult and will have a very bloody traverse. Such plan is based upon recognizing the existence of occupying entity of Israel and maintaining the relationship with it. That is exactly from this point of view that supporters of such plan, while attempting to achieve the possibility of Palestinian state formation, are trying not to damage their interests in relation with Israel. Interests that are not only defined as extensive economic relations with Israeli capitals, but also with its allied states. In total, a return to post-World War law-based order with reforms in structures of international institutions, is nothing but transferring the current capitalist world setting to a new era in which the position of the hostile capitalist blocs is redefined. The key issue, however, is this very setting itself, left over from the past, weighing on the shoulders of posterity as a legacy. Without an attempt to preserve this legacy, the Palestinian question will be easily solvable. It would be enough that all those who do not tolerate massacre and occupation and crimes against humanity, reject this germ, expel Israeli capitals from their sphere of action and deny its civil-soldiers from entering their territory. There would be no need to dispatch battleships to the Mediterranean and neither adopting resolution in Security Council. Israel would collapse in its isolation. And immigrants who set foot on Palestinian soil from all over the world, would take out their second passports and would return to their actual homelands. It is all and all the preservation of the interests of own capital that prevents such simple actions, nothing else.

It is an unsolvable paradox. The Palestinian question is, not a question on the position of a particular country’s ruling-class in world market, not even like many African countries the question of mastering their own land-resources and liberating them from the grip of colonialism, not the question of democracy and dictatorship – but the fundamental question of subjugation of a nation by a religious tribe which masquerades under the fake title of a nation. Now it is this subjugation that once more and in its most painful form, is exposed for the whole world to see. Now it is not just the supporting and sponsoring states of that criminal entity, as accomplice or even more as inciter are accused, but also all those who oppose this blatant occupation; if not as accomplice, by omission in prevention of committing the crime. With posing diplomacy as an answer to occupation and racism and massacre and genocide, they are practically prolonging this ferocious show. This is the logic of an order that operates not in accordance with the interests of general public, but according to the material interests of the ruling classes of competing and hostile countries; not on the basis of general prosperity, but on the basis of profitability. This is the iron law that determines the objective course of events beyond the will of its actors. Even Islamic Republic of Iran, who for decades has chanted death to Israel and has armed its regional allies, today in effect has to accede to the same logic and iron laws, and helplessly witness that its civil society is actually became a lever to that “cancerous tumor”, and of all those slogans, it is left only with a return to the same law-based order by multi-polar world leaders companionship.

This is an overarching order in accord to which all actors of Palestine’s agonizing drama operate. From oppressor to oppressed, from regional states to global powers, all and all are acting by logic of this order. And it is the inseparable feature of this order that it can be restored only and only by destruction of a part of human wealth and, on occasions of intensified crises, by destruction of a part of human societies themselves. Today’s world is in such situation and Palestine is its beating heart.

In Palestine, the Pandora’s box has been opened and all disasters resulting from dominant global capitalist order are spilt out. Today Palestine has transformed into a mirror that puts the appalling, unsightly face of the world’s dominant order in front of it. Enormous mass of Gaza martyrs, women, men and children innocently torn into pieces, which has provoked a great wave of anger and protest all over the world, leaves no doubt that one must transform the foundations of this order.

Palestine, above all, is a cry for social revolution; for a deep surgery into dominant social order and not to reform it by transition from a uni-polar to a multi-polar international system that would carry the seeds of all today’s problems and once again in future would be pregnant with same disasters.

Palestine is an emphasis for the world’s need of revolutionary action. And revolutionary action means radical critique of current dominant social order. Palestine cries out for Communism and the world also would follow suite. The matter is to accelerate the tide.



Long live Palestine

Long live Socialist Middle Eeast


Organisation for Communist Preparation – Iran (Sazemane Tadarok Kommunisti)


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