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شکافهای تاریخی سر باز می کنند، نظم اجتماعی جهان پسا جنگ سرد فرو می پاشد، صف ها به هم می ریزند، هرج و مرج در آرایش چپ و راست و پرسش همیشگی: کمونیسم در کجای این ماجرا قرار دارد؟

بهمن شفیق

22 اردیبهشت 1402

12 مه 2023


برخی منابع:


eneral Rajmund Andrzejczak, Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, made clear his pessimistic assessment of the effects of Western efforts aimed at strengthening Ukraine’s hand on the battlefield. After pointing out that, “war was, is, and there is no indication that it will be otherwise, a policy, and it has an essential number of economic factors in its determinants: finance, infrastructure issues, social issues, technology, food production, and a whole set of issues that need to be put into this box to understand this war, he stressed”, Andrzejczak went on to observe that Russia will not be running out of resources to prosecute the Special Military Operation anytime soon. “Those financial instruments it [Russia] had before the war, the dynamics of spending and the effectiveness of sanctions or the whole complex economic situation indicate that Russia will have the money for the war” – Andrzejczak stated.

Ukraine, on the other hand, according to the General, “has huge financial problems.” He noted that there is no indication in the near future that Ukrainians who fled the war will return home and begin the process of rebuilding their country.

Retired General Waldemar Skrzypczak, who has been making the television, radio and newspaper rounds in the last few months, making what could only be described as unhinged observations and predictions, ranging from the Russians being 2-3 days away from losing the war, Russians committing a holocaust in Ukraine, Russian logistics being paralyzed, Russians running out of ammunition and manpower, seems to have finally seen the light.

In a recent appearance alongside Dr. Wojciech Szewko, who himself made several lucid observations about the changing geopolitical landscape, after months of belittling Moscow and its military prowess, Skrzypczak made a startling statement: “I think the truth is that the Russians are winning.”


March 2022

"The Russians are chasing the remnants of their forces. Russian units have almost lost their combat capability. Their losses are 30-40%. The occupied areas are occupied by the Russians only where the military is stationed. Strategically, when the first Russian offensive collapsed, 3. on the day of the operation, I already said that the Ukrainians won this war, " General Waldemar Skripchak said on ZET Radio.

The former commander of the Ground Forces believes that " within 2-3 days, maximum 5, the war in Ukraine will be resolved." The expert emphasizes that if new forces do not come from the depths of Russia, then the Russians will lose this war.







First of all, the British and US Ambassadors Deborah Bronnert and Lynn Tracy were not present in the stands for the guests of honor.

No, Bronnert and Tracy did not themselves (let's assume — out of solidarity with Ukraine, which has been opposing us to death for the second year) ignore this long-standing almost ritual demonstration of our military power. The Kremlin, in an unprecedented and demonstrative manner, simply threw them out of the list of those it would like to see on the main square of Russia that day. This was officially confirmed by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who said that the British and US ambassadors, unlike their colleagues from many other countries, were not even invited to attend our military parade on May 9.

Two weeks before the Victory Day Parade, Vedomosti reported that according to the Russian presidential administration, "the only foreign leader who is scheduled to visit Russia on Victory Day is Sadyr Zhaparov, the president of Kyrgyzstan."


"We considered what could have caused the introduction of sanctions against Russia for the Georgian economy. For example, if last year we had more than 10 percent economic growth, then we could have suffered a 10-18 percent decline in the economy. This was demanded by the radical opposition, they wanted to ruin the country and could not achieve this, because we adhered to a firm position






An investigation by the German newspaper Bild has uncovered a disturbing growth in exports to countries bordering Russia. The importing of German motor vehicles to Kazakhstan, for example, rose by 507 per cent between 2021 and 2022 and to Armenia by 761 per cent. Exports of chemical products to Armenia increased by 110 per cent and to Kazakhstan by 129 per cent. Sales of electrical and computer equipment to Armenia are up 343 per cent.





Russian ground forces ‘bigger today’ than at start of the war in Ukraine, US general says

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    م · 10 months ago
    سلام و عرض خسته نباشید خدمت رفقا.
    محتوای جلسات گروهی روزبه روز در حال بهتر شدنه. امیدوارم با همین دست فرمون ادامه بدید.
    فقط یک نکته! شهرت کاپابلانکا بیشتر به عنوان بازیکن پوزیسیونی بود و نه تاکتیکی. کاپا، لاسکر، باتوینیک، پتروسیان، نیمزوویچ تاکتیکی بودن و چیگورین، مورفی، تال، برونشتاین، فیشر تاکتیکی.
    خوشحالم رفیق وحید دستی در شطرنج داره.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    محسن · 11 months ago
    بسیار عالی رفیق /رفقا.  خسته نباشید و دستتون درد نکنه.  این مبحث بجا و داده های مهم از روند جنگ ناتو علیه روسیه و جهان چندقطبی ابزار افشا کننده موثری در برابر پروپاگاند بی حد و مرز غرب معزشویی کننده می باشد و باعث روشنگری اذهان سرگردان در چنبره مدیا و سرمایه داری حقیقت ستیز.  دست مریزاد. 

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